“More than its superior accessibility and strategic location, what really drew us to choose Fall River is the quality of people who make up this growing, thriving and vibrant community. Everyone we have met since we began the site selection process, from officials at the highest levels of city and state government on down to people on the streets and in coffee shops, has made us feel wanted and welcome. This is a community that we are proud to become a part of.”
Kenneth Silverman
Silver Line Building Products Corporation


“We are very excited to be in Fall River and in this great mill complex. We believe that the city is ripe with opportunities, and we look forward to working with the local health care community to provide important specialty pharmaceutical services.”
Dennis Burton
SpecialtyScripts Pharmacy


“Our family has been in the food business since 1880, and we’re excited about this latest chapter in our company’s history. This expansion was a big step for us, and the city’s support was a key factor throughout the decision-making process.”
Todd Blount
Blount Seafood Corporation


“The Committee at the Bristol County EDC is truly dedicated in making our city a better place thru the support of small businesses, They have been there every step of the way in making what was once a dream a reality.”
Thank you
Adagio Piano Lounge Inc.


“In 2000, I embarked on the venture of building a freezer/cold storage warehouse in the Fall River Industrial Park. Bristol County EDC was right there to support me and assist me in obtaining the additional financial backing needed to make this dream a reality. After my initial project was complete and thriving, I found myself needing to expand, not once but, twice, to be able to meet customer demands and remain competitive. Again, Bristol County EDC was there to back me not only with additional financial support but great encouragement as well. In my experience, I feel that Bristol County EDC believes in the community and helping local businesses be able to build, develop and continue making their goals reachable.”
David DeMello
Arctic Cold Storage


“When Matouk relocated to Fall River in 2005, Bristol County EDC was instrumental in helping us identify an appropriate site for our business. They also called to our attention compelling financial incentives about which we would have been unaware otherwise. During my time in Fall River, I have seen many businesses in diverse industries benefit from Bristol County EDC’s finance program. The last few years have been tough on a lot of us and Bristol County EDC has been there to step in and help business owners when conventional financial institutions were turning their backs. Bristol County EDC is a huge asset to the Fall River business community.”
George Matouk
Matouk Textiles Work, Inc.


“My business just received a loan from Bristol County EDC and I was impressed with how smoothly the whole process went. We had initially approached our own bank for the loan and they said that despite having good credit, their policy is not to lend to used car dealers! Bristol County EDC is much more open-minded and really invested in improving the economic viability of the Southcoast. It is really an invalauble resource for small businesses in the area. Everyone at the Bristol County EDC office was helpful during the loan application and closing process and I highly recommend their services to other business owners in the region!”
Sue Cardello
Sue’s Auto Sales & Service, Inc.


“I have helped lead the growth of two companies in the Fall River area including my current company, Two Square Science. Fall River is a great place to grow a company and has a real asset, namely the Bristol County EDC (Bristol County EDC). With powerful connections to local government, support programs, banking, and professional organizations, Bristol County EDC has the resources to jump start any business. The staff at Bristol County EDC is always professional and courteous which makes working with them easy at all levels.
Bristol County EDC attracted our first company to Fall River in 2003 and is a big part of the reason why our newest company is here today.” – Martin Schwalm, CEO, Two Square Science
Thanks for all of your help.
Martin Schwalm
Two Square Science


“It’s been a pleasure doing business with Bristol County EDC. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and ability to help us. In particular, they make it easy to do business with Bristol County EDC.
James Pascale
Pascale Industries, Inc.


“Moving our business to Fall River was the best decision we’ve ever made. The City has everything a manufacturer needs. The Bristol County EDC may well be the City’s best kept secret. Bristol County EDC assisted us with start-up funding at a time when most banks were reluctant to even talk to textiles manufacturers. The staff at Bristol County EDC understands small business and the textile industry. They went out of their way to make us feel welcome. We couldn’t have asked for a better support system.”
Bill Hague
Hague Textiles, Inc.


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